So What is this Blog?

My name is Jim Minkey and my family’s been in Foster City almost from it’s inception. It kind of sounds like I’m running for Mayor or something, huh? Actually I am sort of running for a position as your realtor but let’s talk about that later. I’ve been around this town since I started visiting my family here in 1975. I’ve always loved Foster City and decided to start this Blog to sort of create an environment where you and I, and anybody else, can discuss anything and everything that is this community. From how good that crab is over at Turtle Bay to how much the house went for over on Lurline to what’s going to become of that big piece of open ground next to City Hall. We can also gripe about the fact that everybody’s going to end up with flood insurance too. Anyway, I think this’ll be fun and I invite you to come along for the ride.