More Turf

I’m sure alot of you have taken advantage of the turf that’s been applied to some of FC’s parks in the last few years. There’s more of it coming since the city has decided to use about 3 million in redevelopment funds to add to Sea Cloud Park and to include Port Royal Park in […]

Dog Park…Danger Zone?

Who would have thought the Foster City Dog Park/Boat Park could be a local trouble spot? Turns out it’s been an issue in the past few months some concern exists that it might be temporarily closed so that folks can get their acts together…so to speak. A couple of weeks ago a 69 year old woman […]

Plan B

Well, the City Council slammed the door pretty well on the whole issue of a fourth public school being developed on park land in Foster City the other night. Tons of folks showed up too to express themselves in the process. The idea of Boothbay Park, Port Royal Park and the 15 acre site being […]

The Plot Thickens

The 25 page agenda packet has been released for the big pow wow scheduled for Monday in which a fourth elementary school will be discussed. It’s kind of tortuous to get through all 25 pages but there’s some interesting stuff there. The attorney has rendered an opinion that “the sale of Boothbay Park to the School […]

School Daze

Many of you have been really aware of the problem of overcrowding in the local schools, exacerbated by the economic slump that’s forcing plenty of families to move kids from private schools to public out of financial necessity. What we now have is a problem…way too many kids for the existing schools, particularly the elementary […]

Sea Cloud Park

Finally! The grand daddy of them all! Sea Cloud Park. 23.90 acres of just about everything. 8 baseball/softball diamonds and as many soccer fields. It has batting cages, snack shack, lawn area, FC Sports Hall of Fame and restrooms. It’s arguably the best park on the Peninsula. Here’s a map: SeaCloudParkMap

Boat Park

Now this may very well be the most popular park in town! Every time I’ve been there it’s been busy…people and dogs running amok (so to speak). I’m not sure who came up with this idea but it was a great one! Plus the park is also the home of a boat launching area, thus […]

Leo Ryan Park

It’s one of the big ones, that’s for sure. Almost 21 acres of just about everything, Leo Ryan Park boasts a wonderful amphitheater, a gorgeous waterfront, lot’s of open green grass, a terrific central location, bocce courts, the community center, a boat launch, and the soon to be “Vibe” teen center. It’s an impressive place […]

Pompano Park

It’s just a little park, but because we’ve got some good friends that live on this street and we’ve spent plenty of time over the years either picnicing or playing games here, I thought it was worth including. This park is only 0.56 acres and is located in the middle of the big circle that […]

Killdeer Park

Killdeer Park is a very busy one almost everyday, thanks to the fact that it’s located right next to Audobon School. It’s located between Sandpiper Ct, Killdeer Ct and Stilt Ct. It has this kind of unique sandpit with a fish sculture in it that’s pretty interesting. Nice large open grass area too. Here’s a map […]