Some Fallout

I had lunch with a friend of mine today who showed me a couple of letters he’s received at his house recently. It was interesting because I haven’t seen this type of letter at my house…but I suspect it won’t be long until I do. One was a short but sweet letter that appeared to […]


Here’s an interesting seller lesson. This story appeared yesterday on Yahoo and is about a homeowner in Pennsylvania that discovered through the neighbors (after she moved in) that a murder-suicide had taken place there. This fact wasn’t disclosed to her upon her purchase in 2007. The murder-suicide happened in 2006 and before the current sellers had owned the […]

Just How Bad Is It?

Well, just how bad is it? What I’m talking about is just how bad is this current spectacular lack of inventory on prices and thus on the overall market in general? Let’s look at a couple of cases in point. First, there’s a house for sale in Redwood Shores on Skiff that came up 20 […]

Offer Presentation

        The second question that came up from a reader (same reader actually) asked the following: “We are selling our house. What is the advantage and disadvantage of having the buyers agent submitting the offer in person as compared to just the written offer?” My answer to that is simply, how much […]

Both Ends

I have this little link here on the blog that says “Ask me something, I know stuff”. Sometimes I even do! Technology, on the other hand can sometimes baffle me and when somebody asks a question there I’m supposed to get an e-mail. I just discovered that I haven’t been. Oops! Anyway, a seller in […]

Changing Your Mind

Historically, when you buy a home you have a contingency or two that allows you to do inspections, get a loan, get a correct appraisal and also…to simply change your mind. That, of course, has changed a bit in this crazy hot market we’re in and lots of folks are writing offers with no contingencies […]

Ducks In A Row

For a long time it’s appeared to me that large expenditures on renovation or remodeling were kind of unnecessary when getting one’s place ready to sell. It came as no surprise to me then when I saw Forbes Magazine run a segment on the 20 best and worst home improvements for the buck and almost […]

Appraisal Problems

2012 has been such a funky year for appraisals. Possibly the most problematic year that I can remember too. The sharp incline in activity, multiple offers and overbids leading to price escalation has made it harder than ever to appraise a home. Once upon a time the loan officer or mortgage broker you worked with had […]

The Unscrewable Pooch

Tom Wolfe, in his book “The Right Stuff” talked about how pilots feared making mistakes or doing something stupid that could often ruin careers, or worse, end up in tragedy. The pilots called it screwing the pooch. Don’t screw the pooch, they said. When the few select pilots were chosen for the astronaut program those […]


When it comes to real estate, everyone likes to imagine that they’ll get lucky, or their planning will come out perfectly and their timing will turn out perfectly when they take the plunge.  In truth, I think it’s almost impossible to intentionally execute the perfectly timed sale. If you’re a seller, you hope to put […]