The Impervious Market

Yes, folks…we’re indeed in the impervious market. See this adorable house above? It’s a very cute 2 bedroom house in San Bruno that I sold earlier this week. It’s an estate sale and it required some preparation prior to going on the market (like most all houses now!). Of course I have a fairly large […]


Probably as long as there has been a multiple offer environment there have been folks interested in finding a way around that kind of competition. Totally understandable really. Typically, the agent who is selling the home lists the place in the MLS and either right away or after the first weekend’s open houses sets a […]

Managing Expectations

I’ve always heard that the single most important thing that we do as agents is to establish expectations. At the end of the day I think that’s about 90% of the job. Of course that means telling the truth. A lot. What’s also really important is knowing what the truth is! Weird idea, huh? Nothing […]

Fun with FSBO

So I have this adorable listing at Edgewater Isle and my client is a very gifted DIY guy who’s done wonderful work in their place. It’s really gorgeous. Of course he can’t resist the temptation to carry the DIY thing into the home’s listing as well. In an effort to be helpful with the sale […]

All About Timing

A client of mine asked me the other day about whether it was better to list this fall or wait until after the first of the year when the inventory situation could be better. Their goal is to move up from their condo into a single family house and they’re rightfully concerned about being able […]

Over The Top

If there’s anything that will eventually hurt this market it may just be the unbridled greed that some sellers are showing lately.  Understandably, there are sellers out there that have heard all about the multiple offer, enormous overbid insanity that’s permeated the market this year and want that experience for themselves. I get that. What […]


So I spoke to a nice couple last week who have a house to sell in San Mateo and it was the house that the gentleman here grew up in. It’s in trust, but has a probate connection because of a brother who was on title and also passed. These folks explained to me that […]

Market Forces

It’s never a dull moment in this market and I really am seeing things I’ve never seen before. The market forces at work are really quite remarkable and sure do shape the way things are. Take the house at 223 Puffin for example. It’s a very nice 2945 sq ft 4 bedroom, 4 bath house […]

Preemptive Offers

Seems like a lot of us have gotten used to the pace and flow of this heated up market and sort of know it’s rhythms a bit…sort of. Every once in awhile there’s a phenomenon called the preemptive offer that sort of throws a wrench into that awareness. When a house hits the market it’s […]

The Sky Is Not The Limit

Well, we’ve reached an interesting observation point. Sellers in Foster City and elsewhere can actually overreach. After hearing about how crazy the market has been some sellers are putting their houses on the market at prices that aren’t realistic even now. It’s fascinating to me. Here’s a couple of examples, in San Mateo there’s a […]