What Goes Up….

    So a few weeks ago I noticed a Realtor friend of mine on Facebook was touting the wild, overbidding experience she had just had selling a house she had listed. One of her friends commented “I can’t stand it…I’ll NEVER be able to buy a place around here”. My friend replied, “Don’t worry, […]


Blogging is really kind of a wild thing. I’ve been doing this for 5 years now…seems like I just started yesterday too. Most of the time I love it. Some of the time it’s a real pain in the butt. It gets hard when we go on a vacation because it’s like having a dog […]

Random Real Estate

Just some random thoughts from the last few days;   One of my agent friends gets 10 offers on a listing of hers in San Mateo. All of them wildly good and it ends up selling for $202,000 over asking. She also gets a verbal offer from a guy. She tells him she needs the […]

What is Foreign?

A couple of years ago I went to Seoul, Korea for the first time and absolutely loved it. It’s combination of history and incredible modernity was simply amazing and I was anxious to go back. Well, we did indeed and this time we took my niece Emma for her first big adventure. We travel a […]

Bad Home Inspection Pics

Many of you have seen the Bad MLS photos that I post here from time to time. They’re hilarious! There’s a link down there below so you can see them. Today in the San Francisco Chronicle online there’s a story about bad home inspection photos. Equally hilarious! I was unable to copy them onto this […]


OK, I really do like Thanksgiving. I love that Turkey, which we really don’t have more than a few times a year and it’s a great treat. I suspect lots of you are of the same mind set as I am here, huh? Thanksgiving is actually a wonderful holiday. I like the big family get […]

Today’s The Day

Well it’s finally here. Doesn’t it seem like this campaign started just about the time the Giants won the World Series? In 2010? Two Billion Dollars spent by both candidates bringing us to this point…too bad about 90% of that didn’t go toward deficit reduction instead. I guess I’m amazed at several things about this election  […]


I’m not sure why exactly, but I’ve never been an Elvis fan. He never moved me, maybe it’s because he was a tad before my time. Maybe it’s just because of the enormous amount of hype that follows Elvis image. Whatever, we’ve been visiting family in Memphis for years and I’ve avoided the big Graceland tour […]

A Different Perspective

We, I at least, get swayed by the prices, values and energy that exists around our area and forget that we’re simply a small part of a bigger world. Every few years we go back to visit family in Tennessee…specifically Munford, TN which is about 35 miles north of Memphis. The place boggles my mind for […]


Incredibly I got to go tonight. As intense as a World Series game. WOW!