Shape Shifting

Remember this idea? It was only the latest plan for the 15 acre site in Foster City. In reality, it seems to me that as long as I’ve been around Foster City (about 35 years if you count the times I visited here as a kid) there’s been a plan for this property that ultimately […]

Square 1?

Remember this? It was about a year ago that a delay was announced that told the folks that had signed up for the proposed new Mirabella project. This is the project that was set to complete the Parkview Plaza/15 acre site and sure has seemed to have been on the table for ages! If you recall, […]

Delay of Game

The folks that were planning to make the move into the new Mirabella community that is planned on the big 15 acre site, or Parkview Plaza received a letter a few weeks ago announcing that the project is going to experience a delay for at least a year due to our current economic climate. The […]

Keeping The Conversation Lively

Foster City Planning Commission – Traffic Study from Foster City Television on Vimeo. Isn’t it interesting that for every action, there truly is an equal and opposite reaction? It would appear that along with the proposed new developments in Foster City is also coming opposition to that growth. There’s a website called Save Foster City that’s expressing […]

It’s Dead…Well, Maybe Not Quite!

Did you see any of the Halloween movies? The first one was a classic, done on a very small budget in 1978. At the end the bad guy, Michael Myers, get’s shot 6 times and falls from a second story balcony. Upon looking out the window we discover that Michael is nowhere to be found. […]

Condos/Townhouses 1st Half Report-Podcast

I had so much fun with the last podcast on Single Family Homes I thought I’d do it again for Condos and Townhouses. Just click on the gray arrow below and your off and running. Thanks! [display_podcast]

Is Bigger Better?

That was the question last night when the City Council voted overwhelmingly in favor of a plan to allow more senior housing in the new project that will be built in what’s now being called Parkview Plaza. The developer has argued that because of economic conditions the plan as it was orginally drafted had become […]

Foster City High School…Not

As I’ve said before on this Blog, my family’s been in Foster City for over 40 years and I’ve been in the Bay Area since 1990…moving here from Colorado. I don’t think there’s any subject that I’ve heard discussed more often and with more passion in Foster City than the subject of a High School […]

And the Winner is…

The basic design for the new downtown area in the 15 acre-Village Square site was unveiled last week at a Planning Commission study session and was met with rave reviews (how about that!) from both folks in attendance as well as from Commissioners. The model shown was a revision of one produced earlier and this […]

15 Acre Site-Village Square

On Sunday afternoon I was driving to visit a friend of mine in Burlingame and I made the incredibly poor decision to stop by Peet’s Coffee in downtown San Mateo for a latte. Do you suppose I could find a parking place? I drove around and around for 20 minutes or more and after deciding […]