Burglary in Foster City

I was at a little gathering a couple of nights ago and there was a discussion about an increase in the level of crime in many of the Peninsula communities, (like all this theft of Tide detergent…what’s up with that?). Not too long after that I noticed an article in the Daily Journal about burglary […]

Neighborhood #10–Town Center

The original plan for Foster City included nine neighborhoods, a “Town Center” area and an “Industrial” area. Almost all residential neighborhoods contain some mixture of single family homes, two story townhomes and two and three story condominiums and apartments. Each residential neighborhood in Foster City is distinguished by street names found within the neighborhood. Most of the […]

Neighborhood #9–Constellations and Stars

This neighborhood is heavily comprised of townhouses and condos, with some of the townhouses being waterfronts, and large non waterfront single family homes. It stretches from just south of Highway 92 to the main waterway between San Mateo and Foster City in the west to Beach Park Blvd in the south and again bordered by […]

Neighborhood #8–Bays

This neighborhood, also at the southern end of town, boasts a large number of single family homes, some of them waterfront plus the Alden Crossing neighborhood and the planned development Williams Landing. Both of these properties have associations. In addition the neighborhood has both Boothbay and Port Royal Parks and the Nantucket Cove townhouse project. […]

Neighborhood #7–Islands

This is a large neighborhood geographically and encompasses several different styles and, as usual, boasts both waterfront and non waterfront single family homes but has no townhouses or condos. Interestingly there are a number of different developments in Neighborhood #7, all with associations, so there is a real diversity about the area. It’s bordered by the […]

Neighborhood #6–Admirals

This neighborhood is probably equally divided between waterfront and non waterfront single family homes and a very nice townhouse community that has about 15 to 20% waterfront exposure. This area is south of Beach Park Blvd and is surrounded by the lagoon on all other sides. It includes the Ponderosa Shores single family neighborhood and […]

Neighborhood #5–Explorers

This neighborhood has a slightly different feel than the others so far in that it is predominantly townhouses, including many waterfronts, no high rise condos and a planned single family home development featuring some waterfronts. The area is bounded by the main lagoon, Shell Blvd on the east, and Beach Park Blvd on the south. […]

Neighborhood #4–Boats or Boat Parts

In this neighborhood south of Foster City Blvd we have a few waterfront homes on Corsair & Clipper, non waterfront single family houses, 2 story townhouses (some with water views) and condos with both waterfrontage and water views. This area is bounded on both the north and southeast sides by lagoon, on the northeast side by Foster […]

Neighborhood #3–Fish

Continuing the previous trends, the Fish streets in Neighborhood #3 boast waterfront and non waterfront single family homes, two townhouse developments and some apartment communities and is bound in the north by Marlin Ave, the Bay to the east, lagoon to the west and Foster City Blvd to the south. The neighborhood includes the waterfront islands of […]

Neighborhood #2–Birds

The Bird streets in Neighborhood #2, as did Neighborhood #1, have waterfront and non waterfront single family homes, townhouses, condos and is bound by the lagoon on the west, the Bay on the east and between Hillsdale Blvd to Marlin Ave. The neighborhood includes the waterfront islands of Surfbird Isle and Shearwater Isle. It also […]