Flood Zone

There sure seems to be some good news for folks in Foster City about the flood zone changes that sure seemed to be coming from FEMA. It seems that Jackie Speier has sent a letter to FEMA asking that they officially delay the implementation of the new map to March or April of 2011 to […]

Insurance Pitfalls (Part 2)

    Continued from yesterday…   Two weeks to the day of cancelling his policy, he felt a lump in his neck…….cancer.  He began undergoing extensive radiation and chemotherapy, with a very dismal prognosis.  He also became ineligible for any type of life insurance.  He and his wife were looking at a future well beyond […]

Insurance Pitfalls

  “Making smart decisions that will not affect your family and their well-being in difficult times”   If you read the newspaper or turn on the television at all these days, it is impossible to escape the reports about the difficulties many people are facing today.  As an insurance professional, I have had countless customers […]

Am I Covered?

        If I live in a Condo or Townhouse, I don’t need any insurance because I have an Association…..     I am going to make this post relatively brief, which I assure you can be a daunting task for us “Minkey’s!”   If you own a condo or a townhouse (if you […]

How much is that doggy (or purse) in the window?

How much is this worth? It’s covered right? Well, yes and no, not necessarily, it depends. How are these for answers? I get these questions a lot when I am reviewing coverage with an existing customer, or a potential customer. The truth of the matter is, when you are talking about your personal property, there […]

Flood Insurance in Foster City, still a HOT topic……

I’ve been asked to comment on a couple of scenarios that have recently been brought to Jim for discussion. The first is about those fortunate souls who find themselves in the enviable position of not having a home loan.  The question posed was whether or not they will have to purchase flood insurance when the […]

FEMA, Levees…and Flood Insurance

In the post Hurricane Katrina world FEMA, who took such a pounding for it’s response to the New Orleans disaster, is being extra cautious when the subject of levees comes up. That subject is certainly up when it comes to Foster City. On the 18th of this month FEMA released the preliminary drafts of their Flood […]

Our Homes; Our Largest Assets

If you are one of the very, very fortunate families to own a home here in the Peninsula, you most likely have benefited from appreciation.  I understand the appreciation has slowed, but most of us still have positive equity.  When you put your money in a bank, most of us know at this point to […]

Renter’s Insurance – Is It Worth the Cost?

As an insurance professional, I am asked often about renter’s insurance.  Usually, it is followed by, “isn’t it expensive?”  The short answer?  No.  An average renter’s insurance policy is only about $15 per month.  What is expensive, is not having renter’s insurance.  As a college student some moons ago, I had my apartment broken into twice in […]

Flood Insurance

Way back in 2001 FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) rewrote their flood zone maps and included the Shoreview and Sunnybrae neighborhoods in San Mateo…and as a result the residents there were forced to purchase flood insurance. FEMA conducted studies that concluded some risk for flooding could come from Bay tidal flows or from four or more streams carrying rain […]