School Growth

The new and improved Foster City school looks fantastic, huh? Yet, the discussion/debate about more schools continues. It continues for good reason too. Oddly, or not oddly, the subject of new schools is a hot one in communities all over the Peninsula. Seems like everywhere I go I hear constant debate about this topic. I’ve […]

Steve Toler

So it’s my blog and I can say what I like. Right? Today was Steve Toler’s last day as an employee of Foster City. Yesterday he got a ride home in a fire truck along with a police escort. This is an individual who was loved by many, many people in Foster City…and elsewhere too. […]


I hadn’t thought about the Bizarro character in Superman for ages until I wrote this post and started searching for pics. Funny! Of course it has nothing to do with my point…but hey! Right now in Foster City there’s a fairly high number of single family houses listed. Seven. I know that sounds absurd, but based […]

Island J

You know that place, right? It’s sort of the signature townhouse community in Foster City located across the water from Leo Ryan Park and the Metro Center. To say it’s had some travails in the last few years would be putting it mildly…it’s been borderline disastrous. Lot’s of needed maintenance resulted in lots of arguing […]


I guess it goes without saying that good schools are a pretty good element for an community’s property values. Good schools are a reason people decide to live in certain places. In Foster City the schools are both fantastically good and are also a very good reason why prices are stable here. Every year the […]

Halloween Canceled

Well, it became too big. Not Halloween itself, but the “Safe-Streets” event that has taken place every year in the Ponderosa Shores neighborhood in Foster City. There were so many kids there in the last few years, some coming from WAY far from Foster City that the Rotary Club, sponsors of the event, have heard […]

Burglary in Foster City

I was at a little gathering a couple of nights ago and there was a discussion about an increase in the level of crime in many of the Peninsula communities, (like all this theft of Tide detergent…what’s up with that?). Not too long after that I noticed an article in the Daily Journal about burglary […]

Square 1 for a 4th School

                Well, it’s back to the drawing board for those hoping to add a 4th elementary school in Foster City…or in outlying San Mateo for that matter. Due to opposition, the idea of re-creating Charter Square for said school via a bond was dropped last Thursday by the […]


Do you like Facebook? Does it drive you crazy? My wife Lesley hates it and won’t have anything to do with it…says what she really wants is “face time”. Not shallow relationships online. You’ve heard all that I’m sure. The thing is, no matter how you feel about FB it’s a significant force in our […]

FEMA And The Flood Zone

Seems like ages since this whole discussion about flood insurance and FEMA began, doesn’t it? Well it came to light last week that the City of San Mateo has largely completed it’s project of fixing the levees that separate that town from Foster City and they have appealed to FEMA to request that these communities […]