Another One (2) Bites The Dust

Foster City sure is a tough place to run a restaurant it would seem. It sure is a difficult place to find a restaurant and it’s getting harder all the time too. Last week we had a couple more places run aground. One of them was the almost brand new Thai place that went into […]

Good New & Bad News

OK, the bad news first. As I’m sure most of you know, both Cold Stone Creamery and Turtle Bay Restaurant have gone out of business. It’s really an incredible thing to me that Foster City can’t support a single white tablecloth, fine dinning type of restaurant. Amazing! Foster City has a ton of great things […]

Burgers Galore

OK, it’s time for my annual rant about restaurants…or lack thereof, in Foster City. Earlier this week I took the kids to dinner at The Counter in San Mateo. It recently opened across from the Hillsdale Mall in a little space that’s on the corner of the building that houses Trader Joe’s (used to be […]

Chow Hound

OK, I have to say right here at the outset that this post is a bit of a rant.  A buddy of mine told me a week or so ago about a new burger joint that opened in San Mateo on El Camino, in what used to be a hubcap store, called Jacks Prime. I’ve been […]

Funky Foto Contest Winner Week 13

In my mind at least, Turtle Bay is the best restaurant in Foster City…and it’s also what’s depicted in Friday’s foto contest. It ranks up there with any of the best restaurants in the Peninsula and if you haven’t been there it’ll be worth your while. Lots of folks nailed it, and once again the […]

Foster City Restaurants

When the most famous restaurant in your town is Chevy’s, then maybe your town could use some new restaurants. I actually really like that Chevy’s too, and we go there alot. The waterfront location can’t be beat, but can you imagine thinking of a Chevy’s when you think of restaurants in San Mateo or San […]