Flood Zone…The Latest

Flood Classification from Foster City TV on Vimeo. It’s almost over….we hope!

FEMA And The Flood Zone

Seems like ages since this whole discussion about flood insurance and FEMA began, doesn’t it? Well it came to light last week that the City of San Mateo has largely completed it’s project of fixing the levees that separate that town from Foster City and they have appealed to FEMA to request that these communities […]

It’s Back…Again!

I swear…this is a really confusing subject. Maybe I’m just dumb. It would appear that FEMA has, in fact, released the dreaded flood map that will require folks around here to buy flood insurance. Except…maybe not. According to the San Mateo Daily Journal, Foster City residents will be required to buy flood insurance as a result […]

Slowly, But Surely

Honestly, this has been confusing me for the last several months. I keep hearing from insurance folks that this fall was going to be the time that the FEMA flood map would require everybody to buy flood insurance, yet nobody I know had received a notice that they needed to do that. Turns out that […]

Flood Insurance…It’s Baaack

Remember that old flood insurance topic…the one we thought was resolved and finished? Guess what, it’s not. About 6 months ago Jackie Speier asked FEMA to delay the implementation of their new map to give time for San Mateo to complete their work on the levees and eliminate the need for flood insurance. Well, FEMA essentially […]

Flood Zone

There sure seems to be some good news for folks in Foster City about the flood zone changes that sure seemed to be coming from FEMA. It seems that Jackie Speier has sent a letter to FEMA asking that they officially delay the implementation of the new map to March or April of 2011 to […]