A Balm In Gilead

Not sure how that title relates to the post itself…but it sort of sounded good, so what the heck! Anyway, the point is that Foster City’s own Gilead Sciences  has officially gained approval for nearly doubling it’s Vintage Park campus. It’s going to grow from a little over 629,000 square feet to over 1,200,000 sq […]

How’s it Going?

If you’ve read this blog for awhile you’ve no doubt noticed the participation of the great and wonderful Steve Toler, Foster City’s director of Aministrative Services. Steve’s a really terrific guy and a few weeks ago he e-mailed me some information about the state of Foster City in this current downturn and I thought it […]

Keeping The Conversation Lively

Foster City Planning Commission – Traffic Study from Foster City Television on Vimeo. Isn’t it interesting that for every action, there truly is an equal and opposite reaction? It would appear that along with the proposed new developments in Foster City is also coming opposition to that growth. There’s a website called Save Foster City that’s expressing […]

Chess Drive and Gilead Projects

  Just in case you thought the 15 acre site-Village Square project, the Pilgrim-Triton project and the newly filled Parkside Towers reflected a booming Foster City business environment, look out, because here comes two more. The Chess Drive project, which is in the area north of highway 92 and east of Foster City Blvd, will replace […]