I continue to be astonished on a weekly basis now by the point of view of many buyers I end up talking to about the real estate market. What I see is denial. Lots of these folks seem to want to look at this market as a big storm that’s sweeping through the area. Sort […]

Grasping at Straws

There’s one thing that’s incredibly obvious to me about the market in the last year with the spectacular lack of inventory we’ve had…that is that it’s competitive. I mean INCREDIBLY competitive! I listed a house at 1431 Schooner on Saturday and as of today I’ve given out 18 disclosure packets. That’s pretty good. Great actually. […]

Note to Buyer…Do Not Do This

So I got an offer on the house I had listed in El Granada and it was so astonishingly bad that I can’t resist writing about it. Think of it as therapy…for me. Maybe think of it as an object lesson for you if you’re a buyer. Since the place was on the market for […]

The Swami Knows

There’s been this funny and somewhat new phenomenon that I keep experiencing. People, particularly those that I meet at Open Houses I’m holding seem to think I know stuff. Actually they probably aren’t too sure about whether I know stuff about the things that I really do know stuff…but they’re certain that I know things […]

Rant and Rave

      I seem to go off on a rant from time to time…so why not again now? So a friend of mine told me about this couple that’s “just dying” to buy a house around here. He told me about them about 5 months ago actually, and he actually made the introduction for […]

Foundation Problems

I know I’ve harped on this before but I never cease to be amazed at how the term “foundation problem” brings utter terror into the hearts of some buyers. I mean, Foster City is the poster child for foundation related issues and tons of work has been done correcting problems but some buyers just have […]

Anatomy of a Listing

I have to say, I really love having listings. This year especially, but it’s always a challenging and interesting thing to do. Creating the marketing and setting the stage for a home’s run on the market is a great experience and it can’t be understated that preparation is a HUGE part of successfully selling a […]

2 Plus 2

Well, in the case of Foster City, 2 plus 2 probably doesn’t mean 4. At least in the real estate case. The first 2 represents the total number of single family houses on the market in Foster City today. 2. As is TWO. A house at 1955 Beach Park listed by Cliff Wong of BHG […]

All Cash Offers

If there’s one thing that symbolizes the 2013 market I think it’s the presence of so much cash in the marketplace. Even if you don’t have $1,300,000 for your offer on a house listed for $825,000 (you think I’m joking…a house on Haydon Ct in Belmont was listed for $999,000 and closed this week at $1,430,000) all you […]


As long as I’ve been in real estate the foundation of a house has been a major area of concern for buyers. For some reason the mention or thought of a house having a foundation problem frightens alot of buyers. Frightens them so much that they determinedly refuse to move forward with a purchase because […]