Foster City 2017 Condo/Townhouse Statistics

In 2017 the total number of units sold was 153….that’s down 1 unit from 2016! Yikes! Prices on the other hand…you’ll see below.   2006…$661,993 2007…$694,026 2008…$635,839 2009…$577,267 2010…$577,150 2011…$512,192 2012…$551,000 2013…$657,000 2014…$744,522 2015…$936,000 2016…$991,500 We rang the bell in 2017 folks. The average sale price for condos/townhouses was an incredible $1,102,000!! That includes 1 […]

Foster City 2017 Statistics

  Well it happened again…big surprise. Foster City home values went up again. Last year 116 houses sold. That’s up from 99 in 2016. The average days on the market was 15, pretty average but down from 21 in 2016.  Below is the running total of average home values in the last 11 years in […]

Highs & Lows 2017-Condo/Townhouses

Remember when it was the craziest suggestion imaginable that a condo/townhouse would sell for $1mil or more in Foster City? In 2017 there were 93 of them sell for that number or more! Here’s the rest of the story.   MOST EXPENSIVE CONDO/TOWNHOUSE: 224 Beach Park This 4 bedroom townhouse at Shell Cove sold for $1,600,000. Listed […]

Highs & Lows 2017-Houses

Just how crazy was it?   MOST EXPENSIVE HOUSE: 261 Surfbird This 3200 sq ft 4 bedroom, wide waterfront closed at $2,630,000. That was $241,000 over asking. Last year we had a house sell over $3mil. That was an aberration. Interestingly, 29 houses sold in FC for $2mil or more in 2017.   HIGHEST PRICE PER […]

The Impact of Tax Reform

  Just today on Facebook alone I saw 4 different links to stories predicting doom and gloom for real estate because of the tax law. It seems to me that we live in an astonishingly political world, and in that world an effort is always made to fault and condemn the politics that we don’t […]

The Impervious Market

Yes, folks…we’re indeed in the impervious market. See this adorable house above? It’s a very cute 2 bedroom house in San Bruno that I sold earlier this week. It’s an estate sale and it required some preparation prior to going on the market (like most all houses now!). Of course I have a fairly large […]

How High Can It Go?

Sometimes I just can’t get my head wrapped around where these home values are. The first single family house that I ever sold is coming on the market next Friday. They bought it for $272,500 in 1990. How much you want to bet it goes at least a million over that number? Amazing! I know […]

Foster City 2016 Condo/Townhouse Statistics

In 2016 the number of total units was 152. That’s down from 164 in 2015 but still pretty decent. Price averages were a tad different.   2006…$661,993 2007…$694,026 2008…$635,839 2009…$577,267 2010…$577,150 2011…$512,192 2012…$551,000 2013…$657,000 2014…$744,522 2015…$936,000 I was sort of thinking that we might hit the a million as an  average in 2016….but we were close! […]

Foster City 2016 Statistics

Guess what? The average home values rose again in 2016. Big surprise, huh? The total number of houses  that sold in 2016 was 99. The same number as 2014 and down 4 houses from 2015. The average days on the market was 21 up from 16 in 2015. Below is the running total of average […]

Highs & Lows 2016-Condo/Townhouses

Last year I reported that there were 70 condo/townhouses sold for $1,000,000 or more. In 2016 there were 75. That actually did include a condominium for the first time. Here’s the overall poop. MOST EXPENSIVE CONDO/TOWNHOUSE:   1117 Lord Nelson This wide waterfront unit sold for $1,525,000, listed for $1,275,000. Last year I mentioned that 9 townhouses sold […]