Thank You!

Just thought I’d express my thanks to all of you for participating in, once again, elevating Foster City Blog into the Varbuzz National Championship. It was all REALLY fun for me and I sincerely hope you enjoyed it a little bit too. I need to especially thank my good friend and assisitant Lydia for all […]

Funky Foto Contest Week 50

It’s an auspicious week! The 50th week of the Funky Foto Contest! Plus the big announcement of the winner of the Varbuzz Blog Brawl all on the same day! I think celebrating is in order no matter the outcome. Today’s pic of this cutesy, quaint looking little lane presents the question…where is this? There’s really […]

The Home Stretch

OK, I’ve gone too far. I promise we’ll be back soon with some actual content too. It’s just that I’m caught up in this thing and we’re behind in the 4th quarter! Miamism is a work of art and Ines appears unbeatable…so I’m resorting to cheap theatrics! The winner will be announced at 9:00AM tomorrow […]

The Finals!

The Finals! How about that! One last vote for all of the marbles (most of which I thought I had lost a long time ago…but that’s another story!). In the Finals we’re matched against quite possibly the best real estate blog in the country…honestly! is a constant source of inspiration for me and Ines […]

Final Four!!

Well, we’ve made it to the Big Dance…the Final Four! In this round we’re competing with a giant in the blogging world…Matthew Rathbun’s Matthew is also a big contributor at the website This is REALLY a David and Goliath kind of an event folks! Help little old FosterCityBlog triumph over this kind of […]

Elite 8

Moving right along…. We made it into Round III, the Elite 8 in the 2009 Varbuzz Blog Brawl. Thanks to all of you for voting!! Now we get to do it again! This time you’ll need to vote four times, and in this round we’re up against a Marin County Blog written by Ginger Wilcox […]

Sweet 16

Lydia thinks I forgot…I’m WAY to competitive to forget! Yes, we made it through the first round!! On to the vaunted Sweet 16 in the 2009 Varbuzz Blog Brawl…the winner of which will be crowned the “National Champion” Real Estate Blog. Your help in this endeavor is most appreciated too! In this round you’ll need […]

2009 Blog Brawl

There’s probably a few of you out there who were around Foster City Blog this time last year and remember the Varbuzz “Blog Brawl”. It’s a competition put on by the Virginia Association of Realtors to see who has the top blog in the US. It’s a tournament type contest alot like the NCAA College Basketball […]


WE WON! Foster City Blog has been voted the Top Real Estate Blog in the US on…and it’s thanks to all of you!! I don’t know about you, but I thought this was really alot of fun! Click the link below for more details. When Lesley, my wife, saw the headline this morning she […]

Friday’s Funky Foto Contest Week 2

OK, here it is. Today’s strange and wonderful foto. For the uninitiated, every Friday we have a contest where you need to identify the object in a featured photo of some obscure Foster City landmark or oddity. Today’s winner gets a $30.00 gift certificate for lunch or dinner at ABC Seafood located at the Metro […]