Bad Home Inspection Pics

Many of you have seen the Bad MLS photos that I post here from time to time. They’re hilarious! There’s a link down there below so you can see them. Today in the San Francisco Chronicle online there’s a story about bad home inspection photos. Equally hilarious! I was unable to copy them onto this blog, but it’s worth hitting that link below to see some of these! A great many of these are the product of some sellers do-it-yourself projects. How about the electrical outlet placed inside the stall shower! Or the door that’s cut to allow it to be closed through a toilet. These are some really great pics…but the story accurately discusses just how much DIY was in play in the last few years since homeowners endevoured to save some money. It’s actually extreamely rare around here to see a home listed without inspections, but I agree that it would be truly crazy to buy a home without one. Anyway, hit that like below for some fun:

More Bad MLS Pics

Believe it or not, there’s far fewer of these anymore! I’m sort of disappointed too! This one’s a classic, huh? It’s actually the lead listing photo too. Yep…I sure want to buy this house as a result, how about you?

Never ceases to amaze me how folks can’t pick up the average clutter to sell the house!


What do you suppose that pole is doing there?


OK, the washer/dryer is in the family room?


Your guess is as good as mine.


It’s never been clear to me why so many bad pics have the TV on. Huh???


I guess you get your choice of washers?


Sort of like my college dorm room.

More Bad MLS Photos

I’m assuming that the little house on the right here is the subject…but who knows?

A common denominator of Bad MLS photos…clutter!

Honestly…this really is in a lising right now! Who knows why?

OK, I’m sold…where’s the contract? Brilliant idea to use this pic, don’t you think?

Love that hammock…I guess this qualifies it as a bedroom?

Speaking of bedrooms, is this one? How do you walk around in there? Great idea having the TV on too.

Is that a duck on the table? This is all really sort of depressing…but all of these shots are currently being used to market homes in the Bay Area today. It’s amazing…and hilarious!

More Bad MLS Photos

This is actually the lead shot on this listing! I guess it was too much work to pick up the debris?

No doubt about it…this wall would sure make me want to buy this place!

I’m not even sure I can tell what this is? Is it a covered patio?

Nice lighting!

I love this one! Looks like a tire track on the lawn there…maybe it’s advertising additional parking?

It actually could be a decent kitchen. I particularly like the trash can in front of the sink.

So, how do you get up to go to the bathroom at night without tripping over something?

The thing is, these are ALL actual photos from active listings in the MLS right now. Wouldn’t you think it might be sort of an advantage to make the place look GOOD to sell it? What do I know?

Even More Bad MLS Photos

I love these…they’re fabulous! Nothing like working with clients who want to live in Pacifica/Daly City to bring out the Bad MLS photos too! How about this one below…now THAT would sure make me want to buy this house! They have a washer/dryer! Wow!

How about this one…are the drapes the selling point?

Maybe some light would help here?

Why are pics taken with the TV on so common in a bad pic?

Perhaps if we removed some stuff…we could actually SEE the kitchen?

Maybe it’s the faux Persian rug that’s supposed to impress us?

Nice sink! Oh…wait, there’s a stain! That’s it…deal’s off!

Maybe if it was in focus?

Nice wood fence?

What can I say? They’re fun at least!

More Bad MLS Photos

The more property I show, the more I see these incredible photos! I just can’t resist passing them along:



No, it’s not an REO or short sale. Nice, huh?







Sort of makes you want to dive right in, doesn’t it?







Hey! Is that Elton John?







Not sure about the house, but how much for the Volvo?







OK, is the house leaning? I know that if I was a buyer and I saw this wall I’d be SUPER excited!







I think it’s the hot sauce there that does it for me!






Everything looks great…outside!







This is a recurring theme…what exactly is for sale here?






Ummm, let’s see. According to Wikipedia marketing is “an integrated process through which companies create value for customers and build strong customer relationships in order to capture value from customers in return”. It seems that with alot of these photos currently being used the above concept doesn’t apply so much, huh?

Bad MLS Photos Redux

About a year and a half ago I wrote a post about bad mls photos  and I thought it was time for another. I swear, there sure has been a glut of really bad photos of homes in the MLS lately! Maybe it’s becasue of all those short sales? It always seemed to me that an agent took photos of their lsitings to show off  those properties. A photo is supposed to put a home in it’s best possible light…at least that’s what I thought. Below are some goodies from homes on the Peninsula currently on the market. They’re amazing to say the least!


Ummm…what’s for sale here?       





clutter11I guess it was a tad too much work to move those boxes?







Nice shot!…of the screen!







Maybe if it was in focus?







See, the idea is to make the room look as large as you can…







What’s with all these TV’s being on? Hey, is that ESPN?








Any chance we could take last night’s dinner off the counter during the photo shoot?







Maybe there’s no bedding available?






Now really, can any of you imagine exposing your home to the marketplace like this? It’s hilarious…

Bad MLS Photos

There’s a real estate agent in Bristol, Connecticut by the Name of Athol Kay who has a great blog. Among other things, he has this little schtick called the Bad MLS Photo of the Day where he’ll show photos like the one above. He’s gained quite a bit of notoriety as a result, including some press in national publications  as well as the likes of the Los Angeles Times. It’s absolutely hysterical stuff, folks! I love going to Athol’s blog…I can’t believe what some realtors and sellers do with some of these photos. I guess I’ve always had the opinion that photographs are taken to try and promote a listing, to put a property in it’s best possible light. What do I know?

Seriously, I think taking good photos of a house may be the most important thing (outside of pricing it right) that a seller and their agent can do to market their home. 85% of home buyers begin their search on the internet looking at listings, the home needs to show well online first. My office has a full time, on staff, photographer for just this purpose and, although I’m not 100% sure of this, I think most of the other offices around here provide the same kind of service. I’m sure there are plenty of agents who do it themselves too…some of them are even good at it. Professional photographers really do have a knack for this though. I’ve seen photos in the local MLS featuring only an open toilet, kitchens with dishes stacked in the sink, beds with laundry on them, pictures of the sellers pets and backyards that were completely brown…all the vegetation was dead. My favorite recently had 9 separate still shots of the front exterior of a house in San Mateo taken from slightly different angles…like maybe 6 inches to a foot at a time. I was completely unclear of the concept but I did get a progressivly better view of the wheels on the little Toyota in the driveway via that technique.

There’s a bank owned foreclosure in Foster City right now, that actually sold because it was priced right, that offered this picture.

We’re not immune, huh. Maybe the only thing worse are no pictures at all. I can’t tell you how often buyers ask me why a house they’ve seen online has no pictures. There are several right now in Foster City, go figure! Some listings are on the market for weeks before the photos show up too. Folks, people are shopping online. They’re looking at photos of homes in their price range to determine if that home is worth actually going out to see in person. If there’s no photographs at all there and all of your competition has photos, why should they be interested in your place?