Bad Home Inspection Pics

Many of you have seen the Bad MLS photos that I post here from time to time. They’re hilarious! There’s a link down there below so you can see them. Today in the San Francisco Chronicle online there’s a story about bad home inspection photos. Equally hilarious! I was unable to copy them onto this […]

More Bad MLS Pics

Believe it or not, there’s far fewer of these anymore! I’m sort of disappointed too! This one’s a classic, huh? It’s actually the lead listing photo too. Yep…I sure want to buy this house as a result, how about you? Never ceases to amaze me how folks can’t pick up the average clutter to sell […]

More Bad MLS Photos

I’m assuming that the little house on the right here is the subject…but who knows? A common denominator of Bad MLS photos…clutter! Honestly…this really is in a lising right now! Who knows why? OK, I’m sold…where’s the contract? Brilliant idea to use this pic, don’t you think? Love that hammock…I guess this qualifies it as […]

More Bad MLS Photos

This is actually the lead shot on this listing! I guess it was too much work to pick up the debris? No doubt about it…this wall would sure make me want to buy this place! I’m not even sure I can tell what this is? Is it a covered patio? Nice lighting! I love this […]

Even More Bad MLS Photos

I love these…they’re fabulous! Nothing like working with clients who want to live in Pacifica/Daly City to bring out the Bad MLS photos too! How about this one below…now THAT would sure make me want to buy this house! They have a washer/dryer! Wow! How about this one…are the drapes the selling point? Maybe some […]

More Bad MLS Photos

The more property I show, the more I see these incredible photos! I just can’t resist passing them along:   No, it’s not an REO or short sale. Nice, huh?           Sort of makes you want to dive right in, doesn’t it?           Hey! Is that Elton John? […]

Bad MLS Photos Redux

About a year and a half ago I wrote a post about bad mls photos  and I thought it was time for another. I swear, there sure has been a glut of really bad photos of homes in the MLS lately! Maybe it’s becasue of all those short sales? It always seemed to me that an […]

Bad MLS Photos

There’s a real estate agent in Bristol, Connecticut by the Name of Athol Kay who has a great blog. Among other things, he has this little schtick called the Bad MLS Photo of the Day where he’ll show photos like the one above. He’s gained quite a bit of notoriety as a result, including some press in […]