Square 1 for a 4th School

                Well, it’s back to the drawing board for those hoping to add a 4th elementary school in Foster City…or in outlying San Mateo for that matter. Due to opposition, the idea of re-creating Charter Square for said school via a bond was dropped last Thursday by the […]

The New Plan

As I’m sure a bunch of you are aware, the war for who wins the prize to develop the 15 acre site/Village Square went to the Foster City Community Partners group in sort of come from behind fashion. These folks were nice enough to show me their plans in advance and I have to say […]

It’s Back…

It just keeps coming back, doesn’t it? I’m talking about the big 15 acre site/Village Square/Parkview Plaza/Whateveryouwanttocallit. This time around there’s competition between two developers with totally different plans who brought their ideas before the City Council yesterday in an effort to persuade folks that theirs is the way forward. Sares-Regis “Village Square” plan is […]

Shape Shifting

Remember this idea? It was only the latest plan for the 15 acre site in Foster City. In reality, it seems to me that as long as I’ve been around Foster City (about 35 years if you count the times I visited here as a kid) there’s been a plan for this property that ultimately […]

Square 1?

Remember this? It was about a year ago that a delay was announced that told the folks that had signed up for the proposed new Mirabella project. This is the project that was set to complete the Parkview Plaza/15 acre site and sure has seemed to have been on the table for ages! If you recall, […]

How’s it Going?

If you’ve read this blog for awhile you’ve no doubt noticed the participation of the great and wonderful Steve Toler, Foster City’s director of Aministrative Services. Steve’s a really terrific guy and a few weeks ago he e-mailed me some information about the state of Foster City in this current downturn and I thought it […]

Delay of Game

The folks that were planning to make the move into the new Mirabella community that is planned on the big 15 acre site, or Parkview Plaza received a letter a few weeks ago announcing that the project is going to experience a delay for at least a year due to our current economic climate. The […]