Having A Voice

If you don’t have school age children, you may not even be aware of an issue which has had many residents upset in recent weeks.  There was a proposed budget cut which would have eliminated crossing guards at our 3 elementary schools.  The cut would have been a $21,600 reduction to the city’s budget. There […]

Foster City Haters? Keep On Walking

I love Foster City.  Let me just put it out there loud and proud for everyone to see.  I could be a bit biased; I was raised here, went through elementary and middle school here, learned how to drive in an empty parking lot here, learned to kick a soccer ball, throw a softball, had […]

The Big Move

 If there is something more stressful than moving, someone, please tell me what it is! I recently found myself in the enviable position of not only moving my house, but moving my business at the same time. This is not something I would ever recommend! I like to pride myself on my organizational skills. I […]

Grandma & Grandpa’s House

Is this house just really a house? I suppose it all depends on the kind of “house” you grew up in. We have all heard discussions about what makes a house a home, and again, this can be very subjective. What happens when a home is sold and it is your first Holiday Season thinking […]

Soccer Time

Yes, it’s that time again! The time when kids of all ages in Foster City start their weekly trips back and forth to Sea Cloud Park. Or should I say their parents start their weekly (and in my case, daily) trips back and forth to Sea Cloud Park. We have almost 1100 players signed up […]

Insurance Pitfalls (Part 2)

    Continued from yesterday…   Two weeks to the day of cancelling his policy, he felt a lump in his neck…….cancer.  He began undergoing extensive radiation and chemotherapy, with a very dismal prognosis.  He also became ineligible for any type of life insurance.  He and his wife were looking at a future well beyond […]

Insurance Pitfalls

  “Making smart decisions that will not affect your family and their well-being in difficult times”   If you read the newspaper or turn on the television at all these days, it is impossible to escape the reports about the difficulties many people are facing today.  As an insurance professional, I have had countless customers […]

Am I Covered?

        If I live in a Condo or Townhouse, I don’t need any insurance because I have an Association…..     I am going to make this post relatively brief, which I assure you can be a daunting task for us “Minkey’s!”   If you own a condo or a townhouse (if you […]

How much is that doggy (or purse) in the window?

How much is this worth? It’s covered right? Well, yes and no, not necessarily, it depends. How are these for answers? I get these questions a lot when I am reviewing coverage with an existing customer, or a potential customer. The truth of the matter is, when you are talking about your personal property, there […]

Flood Insurance in Foster City, still a HOT topic……

I’ve been asked to comment on a couple of scenarios that have recently been brought to Jim for discussion. The first is about those fortunate souls who find themselves in the enviable position of not having a home loan.  The question posed was whether or not they will have to purchase flood insurance when the […]