The Impervious Market


Yes, folks…we’re indeed in the impervious market. See this adorable house above? It’s a very cute 2 bedroom house in San Bruno that I sold earlier this week. It’s an estate sale and it required some preparation prior to going on the market (like most all houses now!). Of course I have a fairly large team of folks that help prepare these listings and my absolutely fabulous assistant Jane has a great eye for color and design when it comes to paint colors. In the case of this house, she recommended a couple of Kelly Moore colors…”Old School” for the trim and “Mallard Lake” for the front door. She was very specific with the painters about which colors went where too. Of course, the guys who actually do the painting don’t speak English…and got it all backwards. Mallard Lake is the light blue paint and Old School is sort of a navy color….it’s on the door.

What do I know? Nothing!! When I saw it, I thought it was different but it seemed OK to me? I heard a few comments about the unusual color choice…but nobody complained. Until Jane saw the virtual tour photos! She wasn’t happy. To quote: “I’m not claiming this”. Also: “I’m so miffed, it would have looked so much better as it should have been. %$# needs to get his shit together.”

Sheesh! Oops. I really thought it was too late to change things. We were ready to launch. So….how did it go, you ask? Three weeks ago the identical floorplan was listed on the next block. Fully remodeled kitchen and bath. I mean REALLY nicely remodeled. Listed for $899,000, it got 16 offers and sold for well over a million. What did that mean to the baby blue (I mean Mallard Lake…excuse me!) gem up there? My listing had a much older kitchen and bath and needed work in other areas. We got 9 offers….and it sold for almost $40,000 OVER the house a block away!

Maybe it was the paint? It’s almost impossible to make a mistake right now if you’re a seller. Well….you CAN make them I guess. But the market sure seems impervious to being punished for them.


  1. Yeah Jim… enjoy it while it lasts! Btw, how was life in 2009/10?

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