There was another type of crack shot that I almost used here (funnier!) but I figured I should stay on topic. Open houses are an amazing experience for me. It’s really astonishing, from my perspective that is, the kind of questions I get as well as the depth of fear I encounter expressed by potential buyers.  It seems to me that there’s a certain buyer out there who is delusional enough to think that the houses they’re in are flawless and perfect. Even houses that they know are 50 years old or more. Heck, even the houses that are 5 years old or younger aren’t flawless and perfect! Actually in many cases they’re WORSE. My point though is , I have buyers come in and sort of express surprise when they see some flaw or update need. Often it seems that unless a house is indeed perfect they’re not interested.

Sometimes though, buyers can accept certain things. They’ll live with some needed upgrades. They’ll also plan on remodeling if they don’t like the sellers taste. I had a listing last month in Foster City that was immaculate. Totally hipster too. Red kitchen, space age appliances, incredible master bath with a Japanese Soaking tub, aluminum door frames and a polished concrete floor just like Whole Foods has. People asked if they could install hardwood. Who knows?

Some things scare buyers and others don’t. One thing that always strikes fear in the minds of buyers though are foundation cracks. I’m not entirely sure why either. Cracks like the one in the picture above are as common as dirt. I see them all the time. Especially the vertical ones like this. No big deal. Never the less…panic sets in if I say there’s foundation cracks. Some folks will be fine with a $15,000 dry rot problem…but if foundation cracks get mentioned then…look out! I think they imagine the last scene of Poltergeist when the house collapses into the earth and gets sucked under. Fixing foundation cracks like this is typically an epoxy injection or brace application. I did it on my own house. It cost about $1500 for me. I didn’t lose any sleep over it.

Of course Foster City has some other types of foundation related concerns, but the truth is all of this is fixable…and it usually isn’t hugely expensive either. Even in FC.

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