Foster City 2015 Statistics


This discussion gets wilder each year it seems. The numbers seem to get more astonishing each year too. The total number of houses sold in 2015 was 103 in Foster City. Up from 99 in 2014 and in the same relative low range that we’ve had for several years now. Average days on the market was 16…up one from 2014 and still WAY under the norm of years past.

I always like to review the average sales prices over time. It’s shocking actually:











In 2015 the average sales price was an incredible $1,565,000. All 103 houses sold in Foster City in 2015 sold for more than $1,000,000.


  1. Good morning.
    I am a Safeway Foster City overnight crew worker, since 2004. Before that I worked at
    Long’s Drug Store, right next door for ten years. So I do think the real estate prices are
    in keeping, with the affluent customer base of these two chain of stores.
    I would like your opinion of how Safeway fits in, with the Foster City community?
    There are many reasons for stores to stay in the area. It is said Safeway owns the
    property under this store. But if they changed the banner name, would Foster City
    endorse this change or do they prefer a mainstay grocery store, such as Safeway, under
    the merged company with Albertson’s? Also, does Foster City endorse and support union work?
    Another point of contention.
    Foster City’s success is a true asset, I believe, for this store. We love working there and being
    across the way from Leo J. Ryan Park, a beautiful way to start the morning.
    Thank you for reading and your valuable time!
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