What is Normal?


I get so locked into my thinking that ALL real estate everywhere is just like it is here and I forget what a truly amazing place it is we live in. Just because I don’t usually see trees that look like this doesn’t mean that they don’t exist elsewhere. They obviously do. Well, that same philosophy applies to realtors and their behavior and customs too. On Facebook there’s a group for agents like me to network and encourage one another called The White Hats Society. (Cuz we’re the good guys and good guys wear white hats). One of my associates there from Arizona posted this last week:


Feeling Good!~ Took a 1 year listing for $1,650,000 last night and received a substantial..Non refundable…retainer… because… I ASKED! anything is possible. (ps. they were actually happy to pay it!)
BTW… i expect to sell it in the next 30 days!

Took me a few minutes to grasp this. At first I thought it was a sad story. An admission of failure of some kind. “Took a 1 year listing”? Huh? Why would ANYBODY consider doing that? I never took a listing for longer than 3 months in my 26 year career…and I think I used those 90 days 3 or 4 times! Around here we’re all enormously disappointed when our listings don’t sell within 2 weeks!

And how about the retainer thing above? Really? A retainer? Like a deposit? My mind almost went totally blank when I read this the first time.

Then it hit me. In some areas it could take A YEAR to sell a house! Especially an expensive palace on a huge lot that’s on the very high end of the price range…like $1,650,000. I mean…that’s a 3 bedroom rancher around here. Not in this part of Arizona I guess? It’s in Phoenix actually! Not Wikieup…or better yet Nothing, AZ (Real places!! I swear!)

If I take a years listing I’ll be moping around for weeks. (I actually can’t imagine a scenario where I would) Are we just astonishingly blessed or what?

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