A Slice of Life


So I sold this listing in Redwood City a couple of days ago and I got a call from a guy this morning about it. He had seen it on Zillow and wanted to know some details about it. Right away I told him the truth that Zillow has a real bad habit of not changing the status of listings to pending sale…as this place is. This is a story for another post probably, but Zillow is really bad about this. Tons of flaws in their system…I think. Anyway, this gentleman freely admitted his naiveté about buying a house and was basically looking for some guidance. He asked me about suggestions for how to begin his search. He was very sincere.

I gave him some tips and told him my preference when it came to websites…etc. At one point in our conversation I asked him if he wanted to come in and meet with me. That way he and his wife could get to know me a bit, ask any questions they had and if they felt comfortable they could work with me as their agent. He said; “No, no…but thanks anyway. Our friends have all told us that the best way for us to buy a place is to just go directly to the listing agent because that will give us the best chance to get the house.”

When I was a kid my Mother used to constantly refer to an unknown group of experts who knew EVERYTHING in order to make her point. “You know what THEY say…if you start shaving your peach fuzz you’ll grow a beard faster”. “You know what THEY say…kids who drink beer always flunk out of High School”. Stuff like that. I always wanted to know who the heck THEY were. What made them experts?

Apparently THEY have transferred their intelligence to giving advice about buying a home in the Bay Area. Unfortunately, just as I discovered when I was a kid…THEY don’t know squat. I’m here to tell you this…I NEVER represent a buyer in the sale of one of my listings. What an invitation to trouble that would be! Just what I want…to alienate all of the other buyers and agents by giving an unfair advantage to a stranger I just met. I’m thinking not…sorry. I know this happens, but it’s FAR less then THEY claim it does. If your goal is to work with the listing agent to buy a house then the house itself won’t be that important to you. You may ask 25 listing agents to represent you before one says yes and maybe that house isn’t what you want at all.

Of course I told this young gent all this. Of course he didn’t really believe me. He told me he might call me someday after he’s given it a shot (code for: after prices have gone up another 20%). It’s really hard to argue with THEY. THEY know everything.

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