Fun with FSBO


So I have this adorable listing at Edgewater Isle and my client is a very gifted DIY guy who’s done wonderful work in their place. It’s really gorgeous. Of course he can’t resist the temptation to carry the DIY thing into the home’s listing as well. In an effort to be helpful with the sale he went ahead and listed the place on Zillow as a For Sale By Owner listing. There’s two listings on Zillow actually, the MLS listing and the FSBO listing. They’re sort of competing with each other on that site.

What’s amusing is that the seller put my cell number in his FSBO listing for contact. Would you suspect that I might get some calls from interested buyers? Not a chance actually. What I have got are calls from real estate agents who, apparently , just got their licenses…and want a listing. First thing Monday morning it started. “Hello Sir, this is Ignatz with Coldwell Banker and I’d like to speak with you about selling your home.” At first I didn’t understand…then after the 4th call before noon I figured it out. What’s amazing is that NONE of them were from even close to around here. I actually got a call from an agent in Palmdale!! In southern California for crying out loud! They all want the listing!

My favorite was from a guy in San Jose. I missed his call and it went to voice mail. His message said “Sir, this is Paris Hilton (I made that name up..duh) with Intero and I have an extraordinary opportunity for you today. Please call me back at your earliest convenience.” Since I have several listings right now…I call him back. He says: “Sir, what I wanted to speak to you about is the incredible marketing opportunities available to you via the Intero system that will guarantee you receiving TOP dollar for your home in the blistering 2015 marketplace.” Now imagine that spiel in a deep baritone, Don Pardo kind of voice…and also obviously being read from a script. I was driving on 101 when I got that pitch. I was laughing so hard I almost had to pull over. I said; “Um, I hate to tell you this…but I’m an agent with Sothebys and the place your speaking about is listed on the MLS, by me, and it’s really NOT a FSBO. Sorry.” I thought the poor kid was going to cry.

I imagine rookie agents scouring the internet looking for For Sale By Owners to pounce on. Turn over every stone I guess.

In real estate it’s never a dull moment.

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