The New Abnormal


Way back when the Earth was still cooling, when I was in my 20’s and single, my buddies and I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to find a good party on weekends. The frustrating part was that almost every party we went to was WAY disproportionately heavy on guys. It always seemed that there were 6 or 7 guys for each female. It was really annoying. Even the parties we threw ourselves always seemed to end up too heavily weighted with guys. Finally, we came up with a perfect plan. A great and monumental plan…than WORKED! We didn’t invite ANY guys!

There was about 10 of us in that core group and we figured that was enough. What we did was simple, we created clever flyers and for a week or two prior to our party we would visit the hotter Denver (where I’m from) hot spots and invite women. ONLY women. In the run up to the party I’ll bet we handed out flyers to 200 females…and ZERO guys. The effect was sensational…we would have a pretty good size party with an EQUAL distribution of Men to Women. Maybe 50 of each. Everybody had a blast. Our parties got to be REALLY popular in fact and we did them two or three times a year. The were called Volcano parties…cuz they erupted. At least that was the claim of our semi adolescent brains at the time. See the thing was, we didn’t need to invite guys. Guys have a built in antennae when it comes to parties. They can smell them for miles…sort of like bird dogs. I could have wadded up a flyer and thrown it out of the window of my car on the freeway…and a guy would find it and 5 guys would come to the party as a result.

How does this relate to Real Estate you ask? Because buyers in this market are a lot like the guys in Denver back in the day. Buyers smell listings from 20 miles away. Buyers are on the hunt and they’re not to be denied. An absolutely incompetent realtor can sell a listing right now. It’s virtually impossible to screw up a listing. Case in point? There’s a condo at Marina Point that came up listed $100,000 higher than the highest ever comparable and listed in the East Bay MLS ONLY. Not in our MLS. What this means is that real estate agents who work in this area don’t know it’s for sale. All these agents, from Daly City to Gilroy, are not exposed to the property. Guess what? It sold anyway (after a price reduction). You see…a home will sell in this market if you wad up the flyer and throw it out the window on 101. Somebody will find it…and 5 buyers will come see it. Maybe we should call this the Volcano market.


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