Steve Toler

So it’s my blog and I can say what I like. Right? Today was Steve Toler’s last day as an employee of Foster City. Yesterday he got a ride home in a fire truck along with a police escort. This is an individual who was loved by many, many people in Foster City…and elsewhere too. Steve was the Assistant City Manager in FC…and before that he was Finance Director and before that he was Administrative Services Director. I think of him as simply Mr. Foster City. I don’t know anybody who has represented his or her community more diligently, honestly and with more integrity than Steve has all these years. The guy is simply amazing.

Steve took the Assistant City Managers job in Millbrae and to say that his leaving is a loss and will leave a big hole is the understatement of the decade. You see, Steve’s not a politician. He was never running around trying to find a butt to kiss to either get or stay elected. (No, I’m really not trying to indict politicians…sort of) . Steve is a legitimate public servant who loves Foster City and wants to be a part of it’s future. He’s a humble guy. For what it’s worth, it’s an enormous shame that the environment became conducive for Steve to entertain overtures from other communities. It’s a big gain for Millbrae and quite a loss for Foster City.


  1. Janine McCormick says:

    Steve Toler is the best!! Indeed, what a loss for FC!!

  2. Best wishes to Steve! He’s a real class act!

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