Over The Top

If there’s anything that will eventually hurt this market it may just be the unbridled greed that some sellers are showing lately.  Understandably, there are sellers out there that have heard all about the multiple offer, enormous overbid insanity that’s permeated the market this year and want that experience for themselves. I get that. What I’ve been hearing though takes things way over the top…in my opinion.

There are folks out there who put their homes on the market and feel entitled to a huge overbid. No matter how crumby their house is or how grossly overpriced it was to begin with. I heard an example of this the other day in San Carlos where a house came on the market on a small 400 sq ft lot, needing lots of work and only 1300 sq ft. It was listed for just under $1,200,000. Unfortunately for the sellers, they didn’t get the offers they were expecting. In fact they didn’t get an offer. When one eventually did come in it was $40,000 under asking (about what it was really worth!). The sellers wanted to counter at $1,300,000. After all…they were entitled to an overbid like that, right? I mean, how dare the market not anoint their house like it did with others.

I’ve heard this a few time this year. I’ve actually heard it in scenarios where there actually was multiple offers and the price went more than $200,000 over asking. The sellers were disappointed…because they expected $300,000 over asking!

If you’re thinking of selling…here’s some simple rules:

1) You are NOT entitled to overbids

2) If you’re lucky and you prepare correctly you MIGHT get them.

3) Your overbids may NOT be $500,000 over asking…be prepared.

4) The market is telling you what the house is worth…no matter what you get.

5) If you get a nice clean offer you probably did great.

6) If you sell your house for 20% more than the last comparable sale for your floor plan but the buyers don’t offer you free rent…that’s OK. You did great. Really.

Simple rules.


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