A First

Just when I thought I’d seen it all…something new arrives! As you’ve all heard before and I’ve harped on continuously here on this blog, the market is totally crazy. That craziness seems to constantly be taken to new heights and this week it hit the stratosphere as far as I’m concerned.

I have a listing in San Francisco that’s a really popular multi unit building in lower Nob Hill. It’s a vacant building that’s been used entirely as units for the owners family for generations. It’s listed at $2,099,000 and like lots of other properties, it’s getting a ton of interest. 17 disclosure packets are out as of this post and I’m looking at offers next Thursday. Yesterday an agent both texted and emailed me and stated that her client just HAD to have this property…and if I’d be willing to help her achieve that goal she would pay me for that service. In other words, she offered me a bribe. Holy Cow! I thought. I immediately called my wife and told her…to which she replied; “Doesn’t that happen a lot?” “Hell no!” I said. That’s NEVER happened before!

People are now so desperate to secure a property that their agents are willing to offer bribes to achieve it. The State’s attorney general thought it was inappropriate for Title company reps to give real estate agents desk calendars and key chains thinking it would unfairly influence business…and now agents are offering cash bribes for consideration of their clients offer. AMAZING! I’ll just say this…I will not be accepting any inducement to assist anyone to get this, or any other property. Offers are due on March 20.

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