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Funky Foto Contest Week 286

OK, we’re back at it and maybe with some consistency too. I hope. This weeks question…where are these leg like things? Maybe what are they too? If you’re first to tell me that you’ll win a $30.00 gift card to Safeway. As usual, all the rules of the road are available to view on the left […]

Time Wasters

I’ve been real, real busy lately. Super busy actually, and its been sort of hard to stay consistent writing here. In the last week I’ve looked at offers on three different listings I have. All of them got a ton of interest and sold well over asking. The first one in San Francisco got 17 […]

True Life

This pic is sort of what it’s like to be a buyer right now…isn’t it? It’s nothing short of amazing. Here’s a couple of horror stories: a 3 bedroom, 1 bath house on Edgehill in San Carlos came up a few weeks ago at $849,000. It had a small problem…actually not a small problem, it […]

Funky Foto Contest Winner Week 285

I really do get behind…sorry. This market is truly zany!!! Anyway…Congratulations to Janny Lee who won that contest last week and the $30.00 gift card to Chevys. Also answering correctly was J Kwan and Birgit. Thanks for playing and hanging in there. See you on Friday.

Funky Foto Contest Week 285

We’re back! I’m sure most of you have seen these houses many times. The question is…what’s the name of this neighborhood? If you’re first to tell me that you’ll win a $30.00 gift card to Chevy’s. As usual, all the rules of the road are available to view on the left hand margin as well […]

A First

Just when I thought I’d seen it all…something new arrives! As you’ve all heard before and I’ve harped on continuously here on this blog, the market is totally crazy. That craziness seems to constantly be taken to new heights and this week it hit the stratosphere as far as I’m concerned. I have a listing […]


I continue to be astonished on a weekly basis now by the point of view of many buyers I end up talking to about the real estate market. What I see is denial. Lots of these folks seem to want to look at this market as a big storm that’s sweeping through the area. Sort […]

Funky Foto Contest Winner Week 284

You guys are great!! Indeed, it was Pompano park…what there is of it. Congratulations to first time winner Birgit Eeckman who arrived first and wins the $30.00 gift card to Cuisinett in San Carlos. Also answering correctly was Shruti, Alex O, J Kwan, Janny Lee, Dana, Pak and Anu. Good job folks!! Thanks for playing. […]