What a Business!

This real estate thing is such and amazing business. Sometimes it seems that anybody can do it, huh? Well, almost anybody. One who doesn’t seem able to do it is actually on the market now on Tiller in Bayfront Court. It’s a short sale priced at $775,000…which is interesting since the most money paid for this floor plan came earlier this year at $828,000. Another unit sold for $800,000. Since short sales are such a huge pain $775,000 doesn’t seem like a big discount to me…but what do I know. To make it more fun there’s a few more details of it’s listing salability that I couldn’t help notice and remark on.

1. It’s listed as a single family home instead of a townhouse…which it is

2. The listing is offering a total of 1% commission to the buyers agent

3. There’s only one photo in the MLS and it’s of the open garage doors

4. It’s tenant occupied and there’s no lock box

5. The listing agent is in Los Angeles

A short sale with all of these marketing features. Oy! This is really going to be interesting to watch.

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