Hitting Them Where They Ain’t

It’s an old baseball expression. Willie Keeler played from 1892 to 1910 and had an amazing career batting average of .341. When asked to offer advice to young hitters Keeler said “Hit em where they ain’t”. Simple huh? Easier said than done too.

So yesterday I started to think about the transactions I completed this year and I can’t tell you how grateful I’ve been to have had a good number of listings in 2013. 14 out of the 24 deals I had were listings. Lots of agents I know that didn’t have listings had a terrible year. Of the 24 sales 18 of them were in multiple offer situations. That leaves 6 that weren’t and the more I thought about that…and those clients I realized that in 5 of those 6 cases the buyers who got them hit them where they ain’t. In other words they had no competition and just by staying on top of the market and it’s inventory these buyers won the day. There were many circumstances, deals that had fallen apart leaving the listing back on the market again, a better house a few blocks away that drew buyers attention to this not quite as good house and just plain luck in the seller didn’t want to wait to look at offers. The point is that there ARE homes out there selling without a feeding frenzy, in decent locations and that are good deals…if you’re diligent, patient and ON TOP OF THE MARKET.

I think that’s a very important point. You need to be constantly analyzing the inventory and market data to accomplish this. Obviously a good agent can help you with this, but don’t get frustrated an quit because you’ve written 17 offers in competition and missed on them all. It’ll happen…look for ways to hit en where they aint.


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