Rant and Rave




I seem to go off on a rant from time to time…so why not again now? So a friend of mine told me about this couple that’s “just dying” to buy a house around here. He told me about them about 5 months ago actually, and he actually made the introduction for us this past weekend. Nice couple. The young guy proceeded to tell me that he has a somewhat different philosophy about home buying. He’s going to do it himself. He really doesn’t need an agent. He’ll identify a house and go get an attorney to write the offer. He didn’t really find Redfin or another discounter to be a fit for him because he’s heard that listing agents don’t like Redfin so they don’t play with them. He’d rather do it himself.

I occasionally hear stories about buyers that approach agents wanting to write an offer themselves. Usually those stories provide plenty of laughs in my circle of co workers…mostly because the buyer in question is SO spectacularly clueless when it comes to doing what’s necessary to buy a home. The amount of information needed to actually win in a bidding war by any buyer WITH an agent is enormous. A buyer wanting to represent themselves is a lot like a dog chasing a moving car. It would have no idea what to do with it even if it catches it! Which only happens if the car stops! A house in momentum doesn’t stop. I just can’t imagine any buyer truly understanding disclosures, inspections, construction, loans, escrow or the simple notion of negotiating with a listing agent. At the core of it all in this buyers consciousness is contempt for realtors if you ask me. The buyer thinks he can leverage the commission to his benefit and he also thinks the process is so easy to manage that he can become fully competent with the process by doing some searches on Google.

The idea is simply absurd. I don’t care what the profession is…I could never learn to refinish hardwood floors, represent myself in court, fill a cavity, build an addition onto my house or even cook a spectacular French meal by working through an online tutorial. Why would anybody think they can buy a house fully on their own? Sorry about the rant. I know it’s stupid to take this stuff personally…but to some degree I do. Again…sorry.

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