Random Real Estate

Just some random thoughts from the last few days;


One of my agent friends gets 10 offers on a listing of hers in San Mateo. All of them wildly good and it ends up selling for $202,000 over asking. She also gets a verbal offer from a guy. She tells him she needs the offers in writing. He says he knows all about real estate and, in fact, doesn’t need to write an offer…a verbal is perfectly fine. His verbal offer is at the asking price and he informs my friend that the house is overpriced at asking and anybody would be crazy to offer more. Apparently there were 10 groups of people that need to be locked up. I have one word that I think perfectly describes this particular buyer….IDIOT.

I’m chatting with a hardwood floor guy I know who tells me about a job that he did on a listing that was in escrow where the seller decided a week prior to closing that he wasn’t going to pay the commission he’s agreed to on his contract. He wanted to renegotiate or he wouldn’t sign. The commission amount is published in the MLS. Holding a transaction hostage over an agreed upon commission is , how shall I put it…kind of skanky. I have a word that I think perfectly describes this particular seller…but I won’t publish it. It is sort of like the one above, but more profane.

A property inspector I work with told me a story about some folks who lost out on a house in the multiple offer environment who found out which buyers actually finished first…and offered them $100,000 to back out of that deal in favor of them. Amazing, huh? What would you do?

As always happens, holding an open house is an amazing experience. You hear the darndest things. While I’m standing in the living room of my listing in San Carlos, a lady points to the front sliding glass door and asks “Is that a window?” How do you answer that? “No, it’s a door”. I say. I’m not sure where some of these questions come from? I honestly think telling the difference between a laminate floor like Pergo and hardwood couldn’t be more obvious…but I’m wrong. I frequently have people ask me if Pergo is hardwood. To me it’s like asking if the concrete sidewalk is hardwood. Sorry if I sound like a jerk.

I also think a new roof is incredibly obvious vs an old one…but people always ask that too. Usually the old roof is clear…but new ones look just as obvious to me. Others can’t tell the difference.

Anyway…I’m rambling. Randomness!

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