I hadn’t thought about the Bizarro character in Superman for ages until I wrote this post and started searching for pics. Funny! Of course it has nothing to do with my point…but hey! Right now in Foster City there’s a fairly high number of single family houses listed. Seven. I know that sounds absurd, but based upon this insane year that’s a fairly high number. Of course there’s 15 pending sales too, but what’s really bizarre is the price points. Of the seven active listings the lowest priced single family house, 58 Pleasant Court,  is coming in at a mere $1,298,000. That’s the LOWEST priced house! Amazing! After that the prices range roll in at $1,388,000, $1,399,000, $1,475,000, $1,499,000, $1,650,000 and a whopping $2,100,000. In Foster City.

I realize that this is really an anomaly and we’ll certainly see homes for sale under $1,298,000, and probably soon, but who would have thought we would get here? Amazing. What a year!

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