It’s a Crappy Job


I wrote this in 2009…I still laugh about it. It’s worth running again!


What a year! What a job!

So, we get a nice offer on my listing at 9 Lilly Lane in San Carlos, and one night last week I get a call from the buyer’s agent who’s up at the property meeting his clients and a contractor. He has a couple of simple questions, which I easily answered…and then comes the big question. Seems that when he and the contractor opened the door on this vacant and staged home they were greeted by a large surprise on the tile floor in the foyer. The agent explained to me that it was, in fact, poo poo. Excrement. Feces. On the floor in my vacant listing.

I was a little surprised. It’s not everyday in this business that someone calls to tell me that there’s a large pile of poop on the floor of one of my vacant listings. In fact, it’s happened….NEVER! Needless to say I wasn’t quite sure exactly what to say…but I did manage to blurt out, “Did you clean it up?” Always practical…that’s me! The answer was “Yes”, he did clean it up…before his buyers arrived (Thank God!)

It’s now official…2009 is the weirdest year in my 20 year career in Real Estate. The buyers agent posed a question…is anybody angry with the sellers that maybe we should know about? “Not to my knowledge”, I said. In fact, they changed the locks just prior to putting the home on the market. Fortunately, the lock box allows me to have a record of everyone who’s been in and out of the property using that device. Turns out that another agent was in…and brought his dog along! Unbeknownst to him, Fido went slightly astray whilst he was there and left the little (big) present on the tile floor. Ooops! The agent apologized.

Honestly….I was REALLY happy to find out it was a dog!  If it wasn’t a dog…what then?!? I realize it’s been a tough year, but JEEZ!

And you thought your job had strange issues!

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