Real Buyer Talk 4

Mark and Nancy Dobrin are buyers who are attempting to move laterally within the Peninsula. They’ve experienced bot the good and the bad of this market. They’re in the middle of it right now:

1. Your plan was to relocate within the Peninsula in this market,
knowing how the market was just how intimidating was it to plan this type of
I think we probably didn’t really anticipate how difficult it would be to find a new home.  We knew it was a seller’s market and we took advantage of that in selling our home. But now we’re on the other side of the equation and it’s harder than we had imagined. 

2. Unlike first time buyers you got to experience the sale of your home
with multiple offers. Even though you have a rent back how stressful is it
searching for your next home?
We were hoping for 2 month’s rent back for a little extra padding.  As it was we accepted an offer with 1 month free rent back plus 2 additional weeks.  Now with the closing of escrow we are definitely feeling the clock ticking on our time.  We’ve put in two strong offers but were turned down on both places.  Now we are facing the stress of planning for short term housing  while we put our things in storage and look for a KOA campground nearby.

3. The lack of inventory this year has certainly impacted buyers. How
has it effected you?
It has significantly impacted us in two ways.  First, there really isn’t much on the market that we’re interested in.  And secondly, when there is something worth offering on everyone else is there too.  It’s like going to a silent auction with hundreds of people but only two items on the table. 

4. You’ve written very good offers, well over asking without
contingencies and still haven’t found a house. Describe that experience.


It’s been challenging on a lot of levels.  On the last place, we lost to someone who offered cash (way over the asking price) with 6 months free rent back!  That’s hard to compete with.  It’s also been difficult emotionally because you get attached to a place you really like but then loose.  Then you have to get right back on the horse and look at what’s on the market this week.  But since you just lost your “dream home”  the next “mid-century charmer” that comes up just looks like another dump built in the ’50’s.

5. Do you feel this this type of market is a temporary bubble or is this a way of life around here?


Beats me.  We just don’t want to be sleeping in our car this time next year. 

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