How High Is High 2

Just when we thought it couldn’t go much higher…it does! Some of you may have seen this gorgeous and large house on the wide water at 198 Shooting Star. It’s a large 5 bedroom, 3 bath place on a 17000 sq ft lot. It’s 4340 sq ft inside. WOW! It came on the market last week at a price of $1,999,000. It sold in 8 days. A week or so ago I commented on the house at 389 Tampa and how it was listed $1,725,000. They dropped their price to $1,650,000 and it sold. Right now there’s 7 active single family houses on the market. We’re right back to where we were a few months ago…no inventory! It’s amazing! Seriously…how high can it go?

Also last week an 1890 sq ft 4 bedroom, 2 bath house on a big 9400 sq ft lot at 951 Laguna looked at offers. It was listed for $998,000. Just about everybody I know had an offer on that place. I think 4 agents in my office alone. I hear they got 20 offers. One of the offers was all cash and $1,150,000. They weren’t even close! I hear it sold way over $1,200,000! Like I said…amazing!


  1. Dana Ferri says:

    How about $818,000 for the 3BR townhouse on our street?! Only 1400 sq feet! Insanity!!!!

  2. A whopping $1,276,000 for the Laguna house. I wonder how did the buyers and their agent come out such a rich offer?

  3. Jim Minkey says:

    I had heard that there were several…I mean 4 or 5 offers at least over $1,200,000. Amazing!

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