More Horror Stories 2

I swear, I didn’t intend to make this a daily post! This is fast becoming a Funky Foto Contest kind of thing.  I just can’t resist though when I hear these stories…and it seems I hear them every day! Yesterday a house on Hiller in Belmont looked at offers. This place is an 1190 sq ft 3 bedroom, 1 bath house on a 4968 sq ft lot just south of Ralston. It’s listed for $499,994. It’s pretty much in need of an overhaul. It has a $26,000 termite report…among other things. Last year a similar size 3 and 1 on Elmer was on the market for 67 days before selling. It was spotless, new kitchen, bath, landscape and refinished hardwood floors. It’s price came down twice and it closed at $525,000. This was in January 2012.

OK, $499,994 for a fixer vs $525,000 for a remodeled little gem? Yes, the market’s hot after all. Well, guess what? The listing agent gave out 100 disclosures on this place. The place got 39 offers yesterday. 39 OFFERS! It had been on for a whopping 8 days. I think it’s really safe to assume that it’s going over $525,000. Like maybe $100,000 over $525,000? Who knows with 39 offers!

Are you feeling creepy yet? I sure am!


  1. I saw there is only one SFH available for sale in FC. Scary how low the inventory is.

  2. Jim Minkey says:

    I know, it’s astonishing! I almost wrote a post about that today…oh well

  3. Patrick says:

    Did u see the property on Foresail sold for $995k?

  4. Jim Minkey says:

    I saw that!! Amazing, huh? 1530 sq ft 3 bedroom house…

  5. Crazy how everyone wants to buy in FC! But why did they build those lux apartments near Pilgrim/Triton if houses to purchase are so hot right now? I think if they built condos for sale, it would be better, plus the rent on those places (on all apartments is ridiculously high!). I wonder what the logic was there?

  6. Jim Minkey says:

    First off Nessa…you absolutely STOLE that place of yours! Congratulations!! I can’t imagine how much more it’s worth now than when you got it. Second…those Pilgrim-Triton units are a great deal for the owner of them, especially with those rents! Not real good for folks trying to buy here though…

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