Bad Home Inspection Pics

Many of you have seen the Bad MLS photos that I post here from time to time. They’re hilarious! There’s a link down there below so you can see them. Today in the San Francisco Chronicle online there’s a story about bad home inspection photos. Equally hilarious! I was unable to copy them onto this blog, but it’s worth hitting that link below to see some of these! A great many of these are the product of some sellers do-it-yourself projects. How about the electrical outlet placed inside the stall shower! Or the door that’s cut to allow it to be closed through a toilet. These are some really great pics…but the story accurately discusses just how much DIY was in play in the last few years since homeowners endevoured to save some money. It’s actually extreamely rare around here to see a home listed without inspections, but I agree that it would be truly crazy to buy a home without one. Anyway, hit that like below for some fun:

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