A Very Long Curve

I did something I’ve never done before…I surrendered to a salesperson’s pitch and agreed to be a “Premier Agent” in Foster City for Zillow. Oh, boy! I guess that means I pay them and they send me leads. I haven’t done this kind of client acquisition in about 20 years. Actually I NEVER did any kind of internet client acquisition (other than this blog!) in my career.  I have to say…it’s a weird experience. I get 4 or 5 leads a week this way. The weird thing…it’s unbelievably difficult trying to communicate with folks this way!! They don’t know or trust me as far as they can throw me and only have very specific interests. Underlying all this is a whole lot of fear. Particularly fear of Realtors it seems to me!

The scary part for me though is how many people out there really have no clue about what this business is all about. Really. No clue. The internet provides this false sense of security that allows people to believe that they can do this on their own. There have been 17 closed sales so far in Foster City in 2013. Both single family and condo/townhouses. As far as I can tell every single one of them were represented by an agent with a brick and mortar company. No discounters among them. In this wild and crazy market a buyer needs desperately to be working with an experienced agent. Seriously, we don’t bite and the knowledge and experience we bring to the party can be critical for your success. There…I’ll get off my soapbox!

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