Offer Presentation





The second question that came up from a reader (same reader actually) asked the following:

“We are selling our house. What is the advantage and disadvantage of having the buyers agent submitting the offer in person as compared to just the written offer?”

My answer to that is simply, how much time do you have? I’d say most agents I know would prefer to present their client’s offer in person. When I present a client’s offer I really prefer to do that because it allows me an opportunity to build a bridge from the buyer to the seller. I can explain who these folks are and hopefully persuade them to accept our offer. From the standpoint of the seller that means you’ll have to spend the time listening to me. You’ll also most likely need to go to your agent’s office to do so. If you’re about to look at multiple offers count on spending quite a bit of time in your agents offer because all those agents are probably about as long-winded as I am. You could be there for hours…honestly.

It’s not uncommon now for the listing agent to ask for offers without a presentation. They’re simply e-mailed or faxed over. That allows you to relax at home while the agent does the due diligence regarding review of the offers. Honestly, it’s sort of a waste of your time when you’ve seen 3 offers that are over asking and the 4th agent presents an offer under asking and with suspect terms as well. Why sit through that? I guess I’d have to say that if I’m representing a seller I’d rather review the offers myself and then go to my clients home to show them the offers in a more comfortable and speedier time. If I’m representing a buyer I’ll fight to present it in person. Funny, huh? Being present for offers is really the polite, correct thing to do for everybody. You just need to be prepared to take the time for it.

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