OK, I really do like Thanksgiving. I love that Turkey, which we really don’t have more than a few times a year and it’s a great treat. I suspect lots of you are of the same mind set as I am here, huh? Thanksgiving is actually a wonderful holiday. I like the big family get together, I like football on most of the day, I like the interaction all of us have whether we’re at our house or somebody elses. I like that fact there isn’t this great big huge lead in to Thanksgiving. Christmas lights and shopping are all over us since Halloween, yet Thanksgiving sort of just arrives in the midst of it. I have to say Friday will not be one of my favorite days. I just can’t imagine lining up to go shopping early Friday since I’ll still be in a sort of food coma.

The best thing about Thanksgiving is that it gives me a minute to reflect on the multitude of things that I’m really, sincerely thankful for. There’s a bunch! Here’s a few that leap to mind right now in no particular order:

* I’m thankful for a wife and daughters who love me and who I love deeply

* I’m thankful for being fortunate enough to live in a wonderful home in one of the greatest areas in the world

* I’m thankful for the many clients that have trusted me and have allowed me to build a successful business

* I’m thankful to have wonderful friends and coworkers that I trust

* I’m thankful for each and every one of you who read this blog

* I’m thankful for the San Francisco Giants who’ve taken us on such a fantastic ride for the last few years

Of course, there’s tons more! I could actually go on for hours if I wanted to. I’ll be if we thought about it most of us could. I have a friend with terminal pancreatic cancer who posts on a Caring Bridge blog site. His posts are always filled with gratitude and thanksgiving. I’m thankful to him for giving me perspective. My complaints sure seem small in comparison. I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow and a great weekend! See you again this Monday.


  1. Just catching up on your blog again, Jim.
    Appreciate this post. keep up the good work!

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