When it comes to real estate, everyone likes to imagine that they’ll get lucky, or their planning will come out perfectly and their timing will turn out perfectly when they take the plunge.  In truth, I think it’s almost impossible to intentionally execute the perfectly timed sale. If you’re a seller, you hope to put your house on the market when there’s very few competitors and lots of buyers…sort of like right now. Of course, your life’s circumstances have to be in line with all that too. Even within that hot market cycle there’s other variables that affect the perfectly timed listing. Listing your home right before tax time in mid April is usually a mistake. Listing just ahead of a long holiday period can also be less than beneficial. Oddly enough, I’ve had listings for which Mother’s Day was a fabulous open house and a terrible one on others. If you listed your home in January of this year you didn’t do nearly as well as if you had listed in February of this year. Pretty darn hard to predict that kind of timing! Right now, today, it’s a perfect time for a 3 bedroom townhouse listing in Foster City. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens at 1000 Stern in Bayfront Court listed for $649,000. No competition.

If your a buyer, timing can be just as important. If you bought last year, your timing was very good. Having said that…there’s a ton of variations in the buyer profile here too. The market is always moving, it’s alot like a river…it ebbs and flows. Sometimes it’s like rapids and other times it’s slow to the point it feels stagnant. There hasn’t been too much of that in 2012 but there have been little stretches where it’s slowed a tad. Those are the times of opportunity for a buyer. I noticed a few houses that listed late last week that are looking at offers on Thursday…it’s going to be very interesting to see if the July 4 holiday will limit offers at those places. In the long run, no matter what you buy in 2012 it’s going to look like good timing in 2022. I think it’s going to look good when looking back from 2013 for that matter. Timing is ultimately a matter of perspective.


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