Funky Foto Contest Winner Week 202

There’s some really knowledgable folks in Foster City! Lots of you were correct in answering Friday’s question in that it was the bench in the plaza behind the Metro Center and in front of the Visa Building. Congratulations to Molly Swan who was first to answer that, and on Facebook as it IPOed too! Congrats Molly! Also answering correctly was Bill, Phoebe, Pak, Edna, Dana, AQ, Asif, Mike, Patrick, J Kwan, Jeff, Anurag, Tony, and Clement. Thanks for playing folks! See you again this Friday!


  1. Actually, that plaza is not in front of the Visa building. It’s in front of Metro Tower (which is the building pictured above). The Visa buildings are the four buildings at the intersection of Vintage Park and Metro Center boulevard.

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