Another One (2) Bites The Dust

Foster City sure is a tough place to run a restaurant it would seem. It sure is a difficult place to find a restaurant and it’s getting harder all the time too. Last week we had a couple more places run aground. One of them was the almost brand new Thai place that went into the space once occupied by Mr. Fongs and the Diamond Seafood at Edgewater Place. It’s called Buri Tara Thai and their problems were of the health department variety. Their violations included:

“improper cooking time and temperature of potentially hazardous foods; food contact services not being cleaned and sanitized; lack of hot and/or cold water; and operating without a health permit.”

The other restaurant was Togo’s at the Metro Center who failed to have hot water as well. Both restaurants were shut down. Here’s a link to the FC Patch article about these places:


  1. Apparently, Buri Tara Thai was opened by an ex-employee of Thai Basil. They went so far as to copy the Thai Basil menu. I mean literally – there were actually references to Thai Basil on the Buri Tara Thai menus.

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