Test Case-Foster City





See that townhouse up there? It’s located at 760 Celestial in Shell Cove here in Foster City. Sometime next week it’s going to take off. What I mean is, it’s going to get multiple offers. Because it’s super nice and really upgraded you ask? No…it’s just because there’s no freaking inventory around here. In fact, there’s 10 condo/townhouse listings in Foster City today…astonishingly little! This unit is clean and nice and fairly dated…but who cares. It’s listed for $674,888 and just to give you some history 7 four bedroom units at Shell Cove have sold since January of 2011 ranging in price from $803,000 to $625,000.

In past years it’s been typical to have 35 or 40 condo/townhouse listings on the market at any given time. Again…we now have 10 and if you exclude the small condos at the Admiralty there’s really only 6. Seriously, this property is going to de really well and will be yet another example of the markets abrupt and dramatic turnaround this year.


  1. Dana Ferri says:

    Wow, that is huge for a townhouse! Almost 2000 sq ft?
    What are the HOA dues @ Shell Cove?

  2. Jim Minkey says:


  3. Dana Ferri says:

    About the same as ours.

  4. Mar 08, 2012 Pending (Do Not Show)

  5. Jim Minkey says:

    13 offers…WELL over asking

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