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Well, it’s back to the drawing board for those hoping to add a 4th elementary school in Foster City…or in outlying San Mateo for that matter. Due to opposition, the idea of re-creating Charter Square for said school via a bond was dropped last Thursday by the school board. This has been a pretty wild and circular ride trying to find and agree on a suitable site for this school and who knows if it ever will happen? Here’s a couple of pretty informative links on this topic.

Elementary School Bond Put On Hold


What Will It Take To Build A New Elementary School?


  1. Anita Reimann says:

    It’s interesting that most of the commenters on your first link (the patch article) want to put more kids at Foster City Elementary. My oldest kid went there K-5 and it was a fine school but my biggest problem with it was that it was already too big…..it’s just too hard for parents to really get to know the school administration, it’s too hard for the administration to really get to know the quirks of every kid there, and hard on the kids who go from one year to the next with only 2 or 3 (or sometimes 0) of their friends from last year in class with them again. We switched to one of the magnet schools in San Mateo for our other kids for various reasons but one big one was that it’s a lot smaller (currently 370 kids).
    That said, I don’t know what the best solution is for Foster City. It’s too bad that the school board and the city council haven’t been able to figure out a solution yet that works for nearly everyone.

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