Funky Foto Contest Week 194

It’s nice and sunny today…but I hear rain is coming this weekend? Maybe you can take some shelter under this vast roof? Maybe not? Anyway, this weeks question is where is this little roof? If you’re first to answer this you’ll win a $30.00 gift card to Jack’s Prime in San Mateo. All the rules of the road are available to view on the left hand margin as well as on the bar above. The winner along with all other correct answers will not be published until Monday morning. Any and all silly jokes, snappy quips and all wrong answers will be published immediately if not sooner.


  1. Chris Hsiung says:

    levee path on Beach Park Blvd.

  2. Chris Hsiung says:

    specifically, near Beach Park/Foster City Blvd.

  3. Bay trail along Beach Park Boulevard

  4. informational sign on the Bay Trail just above Beach Park and Marlin.

  5. on the trail next to beach park blvd to cover the maps and birds pics

  6. On the pedway near the 92 bridge.

  7. Dana Ferri says:

    Foster City Bay Trail/levee?

  8. Anita Reimann says:

    On the levee trail. I think there are two of them… one (and I think it’s this one so go with this for my answer) is at the intersection of FC Blvd and Beach Park Blvd. The other one is a bit north of Bowditch on the levee.

  9. Along the levy pedway near Beach Park.

  10. Kevin nielson says:

    Across the street from beach park plaza shopping center on the bike path

  11. Leo Ryan Park.

  12. dog park.

  13. intersection between beach park & foster city blvd; the map.

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