Getting A Loan







A comment from a couple of days ago brought to mind a topic that I hear all the time. The difficulty of getting a loan in this current lending environment. I hear people all the time making the assumption that buyers can’t get loans and thus the real estate market is slow. It’s a patent excuse for some folks as to why things have been slow. “Well, nobody will lend!” is the refrain. I have to say, that’s not been my experience. Particularly in the last couple of years. I don’t really think there’s a problem getting a loan…if you’re qualified that is.

During the boom (bubble…whatever you want to call it) anybody who could fog a mirror could get a loan. Folks got loans who didn’t have jobs! Folks simply lied and stated false income and got loans. Guess what? Those days are over. You have to be qualified to get a loan. Big surprise, right? Here’s the thing, in Foster City the vast majority of buyers who purchased homes here were indeed qualified. That’s why we don’t really see that much foreclosure/short sale activity in Foster City. When I looked at offers at 880 Carina last week 5 of the 6 offers we received had 20% or more down. Even folks using FHA backed loans who have 3% down are qualified too. You can buy a home now…if you’re qualified. I know lots of lenders who are anxious to meet you and help you get a loan.

If you don’t have a job and you owe hundereds of thousands of dollars you probably can’t get a loan. For the rest of you, I’ll bet you can. Even with as little as 3% down.

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