The New Plan

As I’m sure a bunch of you are aware, the war for who wins the prize to develop the 15 acre site/Village Square went to the Foster City Community Partners group in sort of come from behind fashion. These folks were nice enough to show me their plans in advance and I have to say that they are really exciting and wonderful. They’re offering almost everything possible for folks 55 and over that includes an assisted living environment, condos and townhouses along with lots of retail. It’s a really bold and creative approach and after seeing it I really think the City made the right choice. It’s going to feel like a neighborhood all itself and there will be room for lanes to walk in as well as a large parklike central court with retail around it.

We’re in a 60 day period of business negotiations right now and the results of this will be presented to the City Council on January 3. There’s also a bunch of time before all this is final but the plans and a great deal of other information is available on the developers webpage by clicking this link:


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